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Dish Description Price
Agedashi Tofu Fried tofu served in light broth with scallions, bonito flakes & spicy grated daikon. $6.75
Crispy Chicken Deep-fried, spicy battered popcorn chicken. $9.50
Croquette Deep-fried, breaded mashed potatoes. $6.25
Edamame Boiled soybeans. $5.25
Fried Oysters Deep-fried, breaded oysters. $8.50
Gyoza Deep fried OR steamed dumplings with your choice of veggie or pork. $6.25
Hamachi Kama Broiled yellowtail collar, served with spicy grated daikon, scallions, and ponzu sauce. $11.50
Ika Hokkaiyaki Baked squid on shell with crab stick, mushroom, flying fish roe and spicy mayo. $9.75
Kalamari Deep-fried squid. $9.25
Kimchi Pancake Kimchi & scallion in wheat batter pancake. $9.00
Mini Dumpling Steamed mini dumplings (choice of Pork OR Crab & Pork). $7.25
Saba Shioyaki Broiled filet of mackerel. $9.00
Seafood Pancake Shrimp, squid, crabstick & scallions in wheat-batter pancake. $10.25
Shumai (Choice of Edamame or Shrimp) Japanese-style steamed dumplings. $6.50
Soft Shell Crab Deep-fried soft-shell crab, served with spicy grated daikon, scallions and ponzu sauce. $9.50
Spring Roll (Choice of Veggie or Pork) Deep-friend spring rolls. $6.75
Takoyaki Fried octopus dumplings topped with bonito flakes, katsu sauce and Japanese mayo. $7.25
Tempura (Shrimp or Shrimp & Vegetable) Lightly battered and deep fried. $8.50
Tempura (Vegetable) Lightly battered and deep fried. $7.00
Wings Deep-fried chicken wings. $8.50
Yakitori Broiled chicken on skewer with teriyaki sauce. $6.50

Dish Description Price
Sashimi Sampler* Assorted filets of raw fish. $10.50
Sushi Sampler* Assorted filets of raw fish over seasoned rice. $8.50
Naruto* Thin-sliced cucumber rolled over crabstick, flying fish roe and avocado with light vinegar. $8.50
Tuna Tataki* Slightly cooked thin sliced tuna served with scallions, spicy grated daikon and ponzu sauce. $9.00
Beef Tataki* Thin-sliced rare beef, scallions, onion & spicy grated daikon, served with ponzu sauce. $10.25
Fushion Tuna Ball* Torched mixture of tuna, crabstick, spicy mayo, flying fish roe and tempura flakes, drizzled with teriyaki sauce. $9.75

Delivery or Takeout

Dish Ingredients Price
Miso Shiru* Soybean paste soup with tofu, scallions and seaweed. $2.25
Dobin Mushi* Seafood, chicken, and shiitake mushroom in light broth, served in a small pot. $7.50
Clam Soup* Clam with shell in a light broth. $13.00
Odeng Japanese fish cake and vegetables in a light both. $13.00

Delivery or Takeout

Dish Ingredients Price
Garden Salad Greens with choice of ginger or sesame dressing (additional $3.25 for chicken). $4.75
Seaweed Salad Seasoned seaweed. $5.75
Oshitashi Seasoned boiled spinach. $8.50
Avocado Salad* Avocado, cucumber, flying fish roe & crabstick mixed with spicy mayo. $8.50
Tuna Avocado Salad* Avocado salad with Tuna, tempura flakes and teriyaki sauce. $10.75

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